Steering Clear Of Those January Blues…..

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Thank goodness for the sales this month, where you can buy that dress you’ve had your eye on for a fraction of the cost!

However January, as months go I think we can all agree you are the most depressing of them all.

Luckily PFR are here to get rid of those January blues and cheer you up with up to 50% off our vintage collection.

Just go to our ASOS Boutique or head down to Worldly Wicked & Wise for those fabulous bargains…………

sale pic

Click here link to visit our Boutique:


PFR xxx




Looking Good During the Winter Months

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The winter months seem to be a lot more changeable these days.

One year it can be below freezing, making layering imperative but other years it can be spring like in October, which quite frankly is rather confusing when it comes to deciding what to wear!!!

So it’s December again, boy time flies and we find ourselves yet again wondering what on earth the weather has in store for us.

Have no fear PFR are here…..

We’ve added loads of new stock to our ASOS Boutique to help with those confusing weather days and hopefully find you the perfect outfit.

1) You can pair this lovely MOD white blouse with jeans, if it’s a bit cold out there or with a cute mini skirt.


Fabulous 1960’s White Blouse

Click here to view on ASOS


2) Like most mixed wool cardigans, you can add a light cropped jacket or a warm coat over the top and you know that you’ll be nice and toasty.  In fact, if it has a bit of sparkle, you can pretty much pair a cardi with any outfit.


Sparkly 1960’s Purple Cardi

Click here to view on ASOS  

3) This white sparkly handmade jumper has a larger knit to it, which makes it perfect for either a warmish day or a cold one. Fab!


Adorable 1970’s White Knitted Jumper

Click here to view on ASOS.


4) Ok so we’ve probably gone a bit sparkle mad here but who doesn’t love a bit of spark?! This 1980’s Silk Blouse/top will def add a bit of glam to any outfit (dressed up or down).


1980’s Sequin & Beads Butterfly Top


Click here to view on ASOS

We love to layer in Winter, it’s what we naturally want to do, but as it seems to be warmer this season don’t put away some of those glam summer frocks, instead keep a few of your favourites out and pair them with thicker tights, ankle boots, a cropped (wool) coat and a fab wide brimmed hat.


Past Forward Retro x

You Can Buy Straight From Us!

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We’ve just added loads of wonderful goodies to our supplier, Worldly Wicked & Wise and the Easter window is looking rather cute!

We’re loving our 1960’s suede skirt with that WWW kimono!



If you’re unable to get down to NW6, don’t worry, we’re just about to launch our “buy it now” button which is linked to Pay pal and will be located under each item that is featured on our site.

That means you can buy any of our items from the comfort of your own home. YAY!!!!

Here are some of the items we’ve added to the shop in the last week:

Our personal fave, is this super amazing vintage 1960’s dress with matching belt/sash. UK SIZE 8   





If you can wear any wool mixed items then this is the perfect mid season garment for you!!! Sadly i’m very allergic to all wool (even if it only has 3% within it) which means, whoever gets there hands on this amazing beauty I’ll have you know that I am extremely jealous!





This fabulous vintage full length Japanese kimono in a white and blue pattern is so on trend. ONE SIZE FITS ALL   




Soft cotton abstract floral pattern vintage Japanese kimono.  ONE SIZE FITS ALL



Retro short sleeve jumper. Such a great pattern! UK SIZE 8





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