Nature Meets Fashion!

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We love it when nature inspires fashion and it seems that we have always been inspired by mother nature in one way or another. 

After our recent buying trip we realised that we had unknowingly been attracted to lots of items featuring flowers, feathers and leaves!

Unsurprisingly we then read an article about a russian artist Liliya Hudyakova who did a “Fashion and Nature photo series” showing how much we really are connected to our surroundings and how much it influences us”.

“Her Fashion & Nature photo series pairs accomplished fashion designers’ dresses and other pieces with the natural views that she imagines might have inspired them. The resulting juxtapositions draw an undeniable link between the clothing we see on the runway (or even wear) and the world that inspired it. Indeed, some of the oldest known pieces of decorative clothing and jewellery imitate or incorporate nature as well”.

Read the full article on Bored Panda here.

Elie Saab S/S 2014 & Sunset

Marchesa F/W 2012 & Red Leaves

Alexander McQueen S/S 2012 & First Snow Fall In Minnesota, USA

Our find, although sadly not a Alexander McQueen, is this 1970’s watercolour feather print dress in shades of muted blue, white and light purple. The cut and length of the dress is universally flattering and it has a lovely twist with the pleats starting from the waist.

UK Size 12

For sale on ASOS – £30









Next up we have this elegant 1960’s white french shift mini dress with a subtle palm leaf pattern. It looks great with that stripy shirt but quite honestly it looks equally great on it’s own!

UK 10-12








Continuing with the leaves theme, we have this fab blue and purple 1970s summer dress. We love the fact that the dense speckled leaf print only appears at the top and bottom while the white more sparse section in the middle gives the dress a much needed break from the pattern and allows the dress to flow nicely!

UK Size 14






So I guess we’re not so cut off from mother nature as we might have thought.


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Summer Finds From The 60’s & 70’s…

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We have loads of new stock for the summer and when the weather decides to get with the program, you’ll be glad to be wearing some of our latest beauties!

First up is this amazing lipstick red 1970’s boho maxi dress. We really love the navy crape panel which is located on the bust and back of the dress. It has small embroidered flowers on it and surrounding the panel there is lovely ribbon edging. The puffed sleeves are just to die for and again the ribbon is featured on the sleeves and hem. Such a striking dress!!!

UK Size 8






Continuing with the red theme we have this wonderful heavy cotton 1970’s red boho high waisted skirt. We love the little people that are featured in the embroidered pattern. This is probably from south america as this sort of item was very popular in the 1970’s as young hippies ventured into Guatemala and Mexico for there first traveller experience.

UK Size 8




We fell in love with this 1970’s soft floral cotton summer dress. It’s such a flattering shape and the floral pattern is rather darling. It’s the perfect dress for those hot summer days lazing about in the garden or wondering about cobbled streets on holiday or out and about shopping in the antique markets of Paris.

UK Size 12






This dress really has the wow factor in our books. There are so many things to love about this dress it’s hard to know where to start…As we have to start somewhere I would say the first thing that really hit us was it’s amazing colour. It’s so striking and really works on all skin types. Also the feminine floaty see through chiffon sleeves, the simple but beautifully shaped skirt, the ruffled detail to the bodice not to mention that low back which really adds a bit of drama and elegance to this wonderful dress. It really is stunning on!

UK Size 14-16



This gorgeous fine 1970’s paisley dress looks so fantastic on! It has two cute little black buttons thats do up at the front and a lightly elasticated waist so the dress can be thrown on. It could easily be that dress you always wear because it looks so great with everything. Yep that dress!!! If it’s over your swimming cozy while you sip martini’s on the beach or you pair it with platform shoes (and that new black kimono jacket from TopShop you just had to have) either way it’s versatility is endless and you will love it.










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