Scarf Styling: How to turn your scarf into a Vintage Bow!

May 2nd, 2015 § 0 comments

In this post we are going to talk you through the step by step process of turning your scarf into a vintage bow, also known as a vintage flower. Once you’ve created your bow you can wear it in your hair, as a belt or simply around your neck. It’s such a great versatile way to wear your favourite scarf!
Firstly you will need a square scarf. The fabric shouldn’t be too thick so a silk twill or synthetic scarf is ideal but anything that helps it to have some structure will work fine!
Lay your scarf upside down on a flat surface. Take two corners at opposite ends of the scarf and tie them together in a small double knot.
Then take the other sides of the scarf and pull them past eachother through the knotted part. Keep pulling those ends until you get something like this..
You can ajust your flower by making it bigger or smaller depending on how tight you pulls the ends through. We prefer a bigger flower ourselves so we tend not to pull it too tight.
Next neaten up the ends by folding them inwards.  This is the part you will be tying around your head, neck or waist.
An here is what your bow/flower should look like!

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