Floral Inspiration For Spring

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Spring has officially sprung and although the temperature is reluctant to warm up, we are looking forward to updating our outfits to suit this wonderful season here at PFR HQ.

S/S16 is all about pastel shades (think Peached Pink and Mint Green) so to celebrate the re-birth of floral colour we are featuring our top vintage finds. What better place to look for colour inspiration than nature itself??!

First up we have a Fuscia rose and a beautiful 70s party dress!

Orange Salmon Liniker compliments this 1970s coral dress rather well don’t you think!

A red poppy to match this 1990s red Betty Barclay dress 

Not strictly floral but the colour of this 1960s raw green  silk dress reminds us of cacti!



Past Forward Retro xxxx

The 70’s Trend is Back For Autumn/Winter 2015!

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We’re so happy to see the 70’s trend back with a vengeance on the catwalk for this autumn/winter. From Calvin Klein to Michael Kors to Marc Jacobs, they all showcased a sexy, bohemian feel with a modern twist to there collections. So if your looking for some original 1970’s autumn wear then you’ll be happy to know we have some fabulous items to sink your teeth into.

1)This striking burnt orange 1970’s stripe print dress would look amazing paired with that all important staple item, the trench coat, followed by some knee-length boots and a saddle bag! Perfect autumn outfit right there if we don’t say so ourselves!


UK Size 8-10


DSC04756 DSC04757


2) If you’re looking for something a bit more subtle but still very much 1970’s.  We have this stylish beige camel colour dress with classic 70’s pointed collar and shoulders. This simple but elegant dress would look fabulous with a long printed poncho, boots and a slouchy boho fringed bag. Devine!


UK Size 8





3) We’re just loving this 1970’s emerald green dress!! There are so many nice details to it such as the wonderfully pointed collar which almost looks padded, this is emphasised again in the sleeves, it also features a matching belt and fabric covered buttons. The simple cut makes the design of this dress so elegant on.  We recommend pairing a cropped fitted jacked with a chunky necklace and either healed ankle boots or t bar shoes with this one.


UK Size 10





4) A wonderfully girly 1970’s pink stripe boho maxi dress with adorable pearly cream buttons. This is very bohemian and right on trend for this autumn. The a line cut makes this dress rather flattering and would look amazing paired with a long chunky cardi.


UK Size 8



DSC04942DSC04937 DSC04936

5) This deep red flecked pattern dress just screams 1970’s and would be perfect for that autumn look! We love the matching belt with gold buckle and the red enamelled buttons to the dress. It makes the dress so chic and quite honestly you could wear the dress on it’s own as it’s so striking as is.


UK Modern Size 8



DSC04902 DSC04908

6) We really love this cotton tulip print dress!

Patch work designs were really popular during this period. Using various different fabrics colours and prints to create the designs the clothing was bold and eclectic.  Although the maker of this dress has maintained this idea, it’s more subtle as they’ve used the same colour pallet and print throughout. We really love the clear buttons to the front of the dress, the slightly ruched shoulders and of course the classic pointed collar.


UK Size 8




Love ,

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Scarf Styling: How to turn your scarf into a Vintage Bow!

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In this post we are going to talk you through the step by step process of turning your scarf into a vintage bow, also known as a vintage flower. Once you’ve created your bow you can wear it in your hair, as a belt or simply around your neck. It’s such a great versatile way to wear your favourite scarf!
Firstly you will need a square scarf. The fabric shouldn’t be too thick so a silk twill or synthetic scarf is ideal but anything that helps it to have some structure will work fine!
Lay your scarf upside down on a flat surface. Take two corners at opposite ends of the scarf and tie them together in a small double knot.
Then take the other sides of the scarf and pull them past eachother through the knotted part. Keep pulling those ends until you get something like this..
You can ajust your flower by making it bigger or smaller depending on how tight you pulls the ends through. We prefer a bigger flower ourselves so we tend not to pull it too tight.
Next neaten up the ends by folding them inwards.  This is the part you will be tying around your head, neck or waist.
An here is what your bow/flower should look like!

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Spring Ideas

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Hello, as spring has sprung a little early this year we thought we’d help inspire you this season with some of our new items.

It’s all about chunky jewellery in my opinion, so if your wanting a bit of bling this 1980’s set of enameled earrings, necklace and brooch by Monet will definitely hit the spot!!

It’s all about bright colours and this fantastic 1960s/70’s Christian Dior Scarf, although has muted tones has a splash of bright pink which makes it the perfect accessorie for your spring ensemble.

A wonderful pink 1950’s handmade dress, a little heavy to wear in the hight of summer but perfect for a slightly cooler spring evening.

Having a fantastically bright fitted red jacket in your wardrobe is a must have. This 1980’s BICCI jacket looks great with black skinny jeans again great for a Sring evening.


Past Forward Retro XXX

Look to the 1950’s before buying into the new high street “Midi” craze.

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If you are used to buying vintage dresses with long skirts and then cutting the bottom off to make it into a mini, then you may want to think again as the new “midi” length (below the knee but above the ankle) is set to be massive this A/W season. Before rushing to the high street, you may want to look in some vintage shops, as 1950’s and also 1970’s dresses tend to have “midi” length skirts. The dresses tend to look better teamed with heels, as they add length and help to avoid the look becoming frumpy. Here is my favourate 1950’s “midi” length dress from our collection.

Early 1950’s Brown & Cream Dress.

This dress is for sale, and is a size 10 – 12, message me at jess@pastforwardretro.com if you are interested!
Love, Past Forward Retro

5 Steps to making a unique low-cost necklace!

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This is a step by step guide on how to turn any random object into a stylish and unique neckace!

1. First of all you will need to buy some chains. I found some really reasonable chains on ebay, you might need to buy about 10 to get a good deal, so why not make a few necklaces for yourself and then turn the rest into gifts for your friends!

2. The next thing you will need is some open jump rings, these can also conveniently be found on ebay. Open jump rings are circular wire rings with an opening, and can be used to attach your charm or random object to your chain. Sizes vary from about 2mm to 35mm, I’d recommend buying some 10mm rings as this size is likely to be big enough to attach your object to your chain without being too obvious!

3. The next thing to do is to have a look around your house for any charms that you may have, or any random object for that matter! I’ve used toy cars, broken watches, clock faces, old keys, old lockets, scrabble pieces and even a toy plane! If you can’t find these in your house, then have a look in charity shops or at your local car boot.

4. You will probably find that some of these objects already have small holes which you can use to put your open jump ring through, but a lot of them will probably need to have one added. The best way to do this is to use a small handheld drill, you never know you may have one at home somewhere, and use a small drill bit to create a hole.

5. Once the open jump ring is looped through the hole, use pliers (or tweezers!) to close the jump ring, and slide the charm/ object onto your chain. Your necklace is now ready to wear and you can be sure you won’t see anyone else wearing the same one as you!!

Here are some of the necklaces that I have made in the last few days, if one takes your fancy then you can buy it here.

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